• Not for Profit

  • Non Government Organisation

  • Non Religious Organisation

  • Focused on Community Services

United Cultural Support Incorporation (UCSI) is a Non-profit Organisation that focus on education, awareness, build people’s confidence and self-esteem.  It also empowers an individual involvement in the social activities; by organising educational programs, workshops, excursions and events. In overall, as responsible citizens, we jointly support Hazara Community to integrate within Australian Community.


“Get recognition for who they are as Community, Create network to the right Services and Empower people by gaining equal opportunities for everyone”.


  • Bringing people out of Isolation: Coming out of their houses and get involved in social gatherings and socialising with others, learning, cooking and talking to each other.
  • Improve and increase literacy level by participating in educational programs delivered by our dedicated facilitators and volunteers
  • Gain awareness of their responsibilities: as members of society by getting knowledge about the Victorian Laws, Regulations and their own Rights as human
  • Gain knowledge of social issues: concerning behaviours such as family violence, child abuse and civic problems through workshops and training
  • Build self esteem and confidence: by participating in physical activities, mindfulness and sport through Well being programs
  • Networking: be connected to appropriate services and people.
  • Be empowered: getting jobs and becoming productive not only for themselves but for the country
  • Different Career pathways: connected to Entertainment and Art Sectors. Taking part in programs, cultural promotions and multicultural activities run by council.
  • Develop leadership skills: through our leadership program for men, women and youth. The aim of this program would be to empower Hazara community to take active part in Local Council, State and Federal level.
  • Understand and participate in Civic responsibilities: Understand the government policies and procedure of electing leaders, election systems and Get to know how to vote, why to vote?
  • Learn self recognition, self management and life skills such as preparing for Learners test, drive test, citizenship test
  • Support for domestic issues: Learn to understand council rates, bills and budgeting
  • Get school ready: understand school and education systems and understand their parenting roles by keeping their cultural child rearing practices with respect.